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We hope to be a forum and a place where like-minded people can talk about ways in which we can all make a difference to our impact on the world we live in. Like many of us we would like to do more but often time, money and general life can get in the way. We are trying to make things easier for us all to buy stylish homeware and hopefully easing that guilt. We hope this will spring ideas and you can help us improve ourselves as technology and affordability for recyclable and eco-friendly products is still changing and adapting. We have found many things difficult during this process with making sure we can delivery a ethically made, well made and well packaged product to you fault and damage free for a price we think people can still afford. Come and join the conversation and any feedback or ways in which you can help us or anyone else for that matter, feel free to post on here by clicking on Otra-Vida Blog at the bottom of the page or get in contact via the usual social media outlets.