About Us

Here at Otra-Vida we are trying to do things differently, ‘Otra Vida’ translates to another life which we are giving to our single use plastic waste. We transform everyday items such as plastic bottles, packaging and yogurt pots into beautifully crafted furniture, homeware and kitchenware.


We want to not only get our products out there but also want to get people talking and start the conversation about recycling and being more responsible. We aim to be a forum where people can contribute ideas and ways in which we can improve even the smallest details as the technology and products are still changing, we want to change with them.

 Each item we make we have given and equivalent value of how many standard plastic bottles we have used to create it, for example our small food platter is made from 65 standard plastic bottles! This means you are stopping all those bottles ending up in our landfills and oceans, protecting its inhabitants and our planet. So who knows that plastic bottle you once used may end up being transformed into your next piece of furniture!

 We have many years experience in the industry making everything to a very high standard ensuring that they can be used again and again, and we also ensure we avoid any unnecessary packaging or fixtures on all our pieces meaning as much as possible can be reused or recycled.  

 Even the smallest changes can make a huge difference on the way we impact our planet and we will be offering eco kits and different ways we can all help.

 Thanks for purchasing your new Otra-Vida piece and supporting us and we hope you like it as much as we do!

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