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Homeware for change...

We decided to set up a company trying to make something beautiful out of our single use plastic waste, far too much ends up in our oceans and landfills and is effecting the planet we live on. I came up with many ideas and only a few have made it on to the production stage. I found that there were many factors stopping these products being made mainly due to how expensive it is to create a product that people will want in their homes but more importantly at a price point people can afford and be happy with. I am hoping that by making the pieces we have been able to, not only will people love a cherish them but also spark the conversation on recycling and the more people demand for these technologies to evolve then the cost will come down and we can all start living more environmentally consciously. Our lives are busy and most of us do the best we can so one of the most important things is that it becomes easier and easier for us to live in a way that can achieve that. During the design process i realised that there are so many parts and pieces that i feel are unnecessary in ensuring we get a product we want. First a foremost we wanted to make things that would stand the test of time and can be used and reused again and again, making sure our parts and pieces can be easily recycled and if not will last for a lifetime.

The products you see for sale are just the beginning of something bigger and we are open to suggestions and ways in which we can improve and are always looking to improve ourselves.

Thanks for reading!

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