What are amber glass bottles used for?

Amber glass bottles are used to store hair, beauty and body care products. Amber glass is ideal for storing products with unique chemical compositions that need to be protected from photooxidation. From brewing to pharmaceuticals, amber glass is the perfect barrier between the world and your delicate products.

Amber glass bottles provide excellent UV protection for the contents. This is important because UV rays can sometimes change the components of the contents.  If your product is at risk for spoiling due to UV rays, amber glass can help.

Amber glass has a long history but in the C21st bottles are increasingly popular and our amber glass bottles are our bestselling product.

What do you put in amber glass bottles?

what are amber glass bottles used for

Essential oils are also often stored in amber glass bottles. These oils are prized for their unique scents, and photooxidation can produce reactions that change their character. For the same reason, you’ll often find culinary flavourings stored in amber glass. Storing oils in plastic is also not a good idea, as some will break down plastic compounds, leading to leaching. Amber glass is both protective and inert, making it perfect for essential oils.

Amber glass is also key for protecting some pharmaceuticals. Long ago, apothecaries and pharmacies stored most of their products in small amber glass vials. Antibiotics, eye drops and various tinctures all came in amber glass bottles until recently. Although some of these drugs are now packaged in plastic bottles, amber glass remains in use in many cases, particularly amid concerns about chemical leaching from plastic bottles.

As well as their ability to keep these products fully protected, they also offer a sustainable choice. Amber glass is infinitely recyclable and uses is 40% less polluting to recycle than plastics. The glass is easy to clean, and sanitise and can be re-used again and again.

Their retro-vintage styling is also very on trend – it is no surprise that they are used to dress kitchens, bathrooms and dressing tables everywhere.

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